Looking out artists based in Chandigarh & nearby areas for a hindi feature film to be shot in Chandigarh. Details –

2 Goons: 30-40 years, very good actors, character face, important role

Lead girl’s mother: 40-45 years, good looking, positive looks

Hero’s Uncle: 45-50 years, handsome, positive looks, very good actor

2 Korean/Chinese/Nepali looking men: 30-40 years

Grand Mother: 60-65 years, good actress

Prisoner: 30-40 years, slim trim, character face, good actor

Scientist: 45-50 years, decent & positive looking man

Scientist’s daughter: 18-22 years, beautiful, slim trim

Shoot dates: Between June 20 to July 10, 2020

Shoot Location: Chandigarh

Interested ones may send 2-3 Pics and Introductory video at WhatsApp number +91-9321045132